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Holiday Shopping List 2012

With Thanksgiving a delicious, but increasingly distant memory, the holidays are now upon us! One of my {many} favorite holiday childhood memories is of watching the holiday TV specials—Frosty the Snowman, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and of course Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Do you remember Hermey, the elf who runs away from the North Pole because he wants to be a dentist? I like to think that perhaps he isn’t the only one and that there are elves working for Santa who dream of being firefighters, teachers, accountants, and even artists. So with Cyber Monday upon us, I’m stepping into my role as an art-loving elf and sharing some of my gift ideas for 2012.

For the littles (ages 2-4):

It’s nearly impossible to choose just one thing from the Mama May I shop, because everything is so beautiful, simple and well-made. The toys are open-ended, colorful, and inviting. Pair these counting acorns with the color sorting bowls for dramatic play, color recognition, sorting, and counting.

This Charley Harper take on the classic children’s puzzle not only introduces young children to the work of an American modern artist but also spans the breadth of the living world—mammals, insects, fish, amphibian and even a mollusk!

For the big kids (ages 5-8):

Painting has never smelled so good! GLOB’s natural paint set uses fruits, vegetables and spices to add color and scent to your child’s masterpieces.

When a Kiwi Crate arrives in the mail, you’ll be guaranteed hours of fun and exploration. Themed crates are filled with art materials, creativity sparks, science experiments and more. And with a monthly subscription, this is the gift that will keep on giving!

For the biggest kids (ages 9-12):

This isn’t your grandfather’s duct tape! With bright, modern prints and your child’s imagination, the possibilities are endless for what you can make with this Kid Made Modern Duct Tape Kit. I gave this to my nephew for his birthday, and he immediately tore into it with all kinds of ideas for things that suddenly needed tape. (And in a pinch, you can probably borrow a bit to tape up those boxes for the post office).

“Don’t worry about mistakes. Making things out of mistakes, that’s creativity.” Peter Max’s words set the tone for what Make Art Mistakes is all about—doodling, playing, imagining, creating. Quotations from artists mix with sketching and writing prompts, art concepts and mini-art lessons in this creativity sketchbook for budding artists. Pair this with a set of colored pencils and you have a great gift for the kid on the go.

Happy gift-giving!

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**All recommendations are purely my own!**


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Santa’s Holiday Helper, 2010

Have you started your holiday countdown? When I was little, we had advent calendars in practically every room of the house, so my siblings and I were always very aware of how many days until Christmas. No matter how you are celebrating this year, here are my annual holiday gift ideas for the budding artist and art lover. From reading to robots, there is something for every kid! (Even us grown-up kids).

DIY kits from Fly Children's Art Center

These do-it-yourself kits from the Fly Children’s Art Center are bursting with possibilities. Roll offers materials for designing a marble cute; Sway lets your child create her own mobile; and with Growl, your child can build an imaginary animal. It’s like an art class bundled into a box! And even better, proceeds from your purchase support free arts programming for children. Visit the shop here.

Botanist Kit from Playful Learning

For the child who gets her inspiration from nature, this botanist kit from Playful Learning is the perfect toolkit. It comes with a leaf press, magnifying glass, three collecting boxes, and a pencil and sketchpad. Sketching from nature and creating a leaf collection are both great ways to encourage close observation—a useful skill for botantist and artist alike.

Wind Up Workshop Robots by Creativity for Kids

Do you have a tinkerer, take-everything-apart, budding engineer in the family? Creativity for Kids Wind-up Workshop Robots is part building set, part craft kit. Kids can use stickers, markers, paper cut outs, and the bare bones windup bodies to create five one-of-a-kind robots. “R2D2 it is you!”

MoMA's Modern Play House

This is my go-to gift for my niece this year. She spends hours drawing interiors for her imaginary dream house, so what could be better than this hip kit from MoMA Kids? Six nesting boxes come with mix-and-match furniture pieces and vinyl clings, so that you arrange and rearrange your room to your heart’s content.

Who What Where Junior board game

I have the grown-up version of Who What Where, and it is one of my most favorite games. I don’t consider myself much of a sketch artist, but the fun of this game is getting creative in how you use pictures to get your message across. Stick people welcome! The Junior version is a perfect gift for the entire family. Each player receives three cards—a person, a place, and an action—and has to create one drawing that incorporates all three for the rest of the players to guess. The final score: lots of laughs and perhaps even a masterpiece or two. Find it here.

Monkey Paper Bag Puppet Kit from Paper Source

Go ahead—monkey around this holiday season. Especially if your monkeys have as much personality as these! This paper bag puppet kit from Paper Source comes with everything you need to create your own kooky creatures. After the unwrapping high has faded, this would be a fun way to spend a (quieter) afternoon, crafting and directing your own puppet show.

"Art & Max" by David Wiesner

This is my favorite artsy picture book of the year. David Wiesner has always been tops on my list because of his masterful ability to tell stories with images, so I was over-the-top excited when I heard that he had created a story about art. Art (that’s Arthur) and Max are two lizards who have very different views on how to be an artist. Art patiently tries to share his skills with Max, while Max exuberantly dives into the materials with somewhat traumatic results for Art. To my eye, the illustrations play off the styles of Rothko, Pollock, and Seurat, mixed with Wiesner’s own characteristic clarity and humor. Get your own copy at your local book store or online here.

If you are aiming for a handmade holidays, there are some great tutorials at the Sew Mama Sew blog for gifts you can make for your little artist.

Happy gifting!

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