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Friday Photo

DMA’s resident storyteller, Ann Marie Newman.

Bonjour mes amis! Tonight is Late Night at the DMA, and we’re all getting into a French state of mind in celebration of the Posters of Paris: Toulouse-Lautrec and His Contemporaries exhibition.  Our resident storyteller, Ann Marie Newman, is dressed and ready for this evening’s Arturo’s Bedtime Stories.  Stop by the C3 Theatre at 7:30pm tonight to sing songs and share interactive stories about French celebrities, le Chat Noir, and much, much more! Click here for a complete schedule of tonight’s French-inspired events and activities. Adieu!


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Drawing with Light

If you stopped by the Center for Creative Connections during the October Late Night at the DMA, then perhaps you saw or experienced the wild creations in the Tech Lab.  Visitors of all ages were given 15 seconds to create a drawing with light.  Light Drawing has been around for nearly a century, and yet it remains a fresh, fun, exercise that many photographers experiment with today.  The influx of new light and camera technologies has made this concept more accessible.

First a word about how it works.  All cameras work by controlling light in two ways –through the aperture and the shutter speed.  The aperture or f-stop determines how much light is exposed in each shot. A smaller aperture, like f/2.8 results in more light being let through, while a larger aperture, like f/22 results in less light being let through:

The shutter speed controls how long the shutter is open.  If your shutter speed is 500, that means that the shutter is open for 1/500th of a second.  If your shutter speed is 15, that means your shutter is open for 1/15th of a second, therefore capturing more light (and action) over time:

For drawing with light, it’s best to have the shutter speed set for over 1 second.  When we took our visitors photos during Late Night, we set our shutter speed to 15 seconds.  You are probably best off setting your aperature to a medium setting like around f/8 or f/11.

So, how can you bring the magic of Drawing with Light into your home?  Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Gather materials: Digital Camera with adjustable shutter speed (all Digital SLRs are capable of this and some point and shoot cameras are as well); a tripod (or other way to stabilize your camera); a few light sources (laser pointers, cell phones, flashlights, Christmas lights, etc.)
  2. Set camera to a manual setting where you can control the shutter speed.
  3. Set the shutter speed to 15 seconds (or as slower if you want more time).
  4. Set the camera on the tripod and position it as desired.
  5. Turn off all the lights in the room.
  6. Hand the kids the flashlights, laser pointers, etc.  and press your shutter button.
  7. Now you have 15 seconds to make a drawing!

The great thing about using a digital camera to capture your Light Drawing is the instant feedback.  Take a few photos where your kids can just play with the lights, with no end product in mind.  After the picture is made, let them look at their creation.

You can keep it simple or get more complicated; work as a team, with one person posing while another draws around them; make words in the air; or dance with the lights and see what happens.  Above all, have fun!

Check out our slideshow for more inspiration.

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Friday Photo

The theme of September’s Late Night event was iMuseum, where friends of the DMA were encouraged to make the museum their own, personal space.  In the Center for Creative Connections, families owned the space by turning it into a yoga studio! Here are some yoginis practicing their warrior pose–and look, Arturo even joined in!

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Friday Photo: Late Night Art Mash-Up!

A young artist sketches from Pistoletto's Mercury's Gift to the Mirror.

Our Late Night Dynamic Duos Art Mash-up activity was a popular mission possible! First we sketched from a favorite work of art in the C3 Gallery. Then in the Art Studio, we divided the sketches in half! We kept one half and exchanged the other half with another visitor, a friend, or a family member. We combined the two images and created an entirely new work of art using a variety of materials! Try this at home with your friends and family after sketching your favorite animal, room in your house, or each other!

What a marvelous mash-up! Can you pick out the two original drawings?

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A Dallas Museum of Art Love Connection

To help celebrate the New Year, we’d like to share an exciting story of new beginnings that took place in our very own Center for Creative Connections (C3) space recently! We know that C3 is an amazing place to reflect on your own life through works of art and even create your own art at the Space Bar, right? Well one creative guy did all of the above for love and made some new memories too . . .

What’s sparkly, made with love, and spells out “the question”? A work of art created at the C3 Space Bar turned secret romantic marriage proposal! Nine shiny boxes exclaiming “Marry Me!” in bright paper and colorful foam shapes to be exact. It was created days ahead of time in preparation for the proposal AND it was entrusted to the eager guardians and super secret agents on staff in the C3 and Family Experiences department, including yours truly.  We were so protective of Richard’s work of art, just like it was hanging in one of the DMA galleries!

He decided to propose to Laura at the DMA because of its special meaning for them – the March 2011 Friday Late Night was their first date!  So we wanted to help make this moment as special as possible. On Saturday, November 19, 2011, as planned, we placed his work of art on the C3 Space Bar wall shelves, set slightly apart from the other creations. Keeping this work of art noticeable yet somewhat covert was quite a task!

Just as his work of art began gathering attention from a few curious onlookers, the happy couple entered the C3 space after visiting some of the other museum galleries.  As we watched from a distance, Richard guided Laura near the agreed upon spot where his art gleamed from the shelves.  The next thing we knew, he was down on one knee popping the question, “Will you marry me?”!  With shrieks of surprise, the proposal was accepted and a beautiful sparkly ring, given in love, was slipped on her finger.

Richard and Laura in front of Accumulation Project by Annette Lawrence

Thank you Richard & Laura for including us in your special day! We look forward to seeing you on your anniversaries!

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Friday Photo: It’s a Wrap!

Tonight’s Late Night activities included a demonstration on how to tie a gele, an African head wrap. Make your own gele inspired by the African Headwear: Beyond Fashion exhibit during our Family Celebration on October 30 and during our December Studio Creations!

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What’s New in the Studio: July

Seal-gut Parka, c. 1890-1910, Central Yup'ik, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska

This month we’re changing things up for our weekend and Late Night Studio Creations activity! Usually, we have a wide variety of materials for you to choose from when making your art project, but for July you’ll be taking a Marvelous-Mystery-Materials-Challenge! Our inspiration is the special exhibition Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection, which is on view through September 4th. One of the most compelling aspects of the exhibition to me is the creativity and ingenuity shown by the cultures featured in creating truly incredible objects using supplies from their environment. For instance, the parka pictured above was crafted from seal intestines that were freeze dried and hand-sewn together to make a waterproof shell for the wearer.

This idea of using what’s available to you is the spirit behind July’s Studio Creations project. You’ll be given a paper bag of mystery materials and your challenge is to construct something using only those supplies (and remember, the bag counts as part of those supplies, too!). What you create is entirely up to you–it could be something purely decorative; something to wear; or something to be used, like a tool or special container. We encourage you to explore the exhibition beforehand for inspiration; free Family Gallery Guides are available that highlight a few objects for you and your family to look at together.

Studio Creations is a family art-making activity offered on weekends and Late Nights. Join us for a different project each month! Volunteers are on hand to help you create your own work of art. All supplies are provided; Studio Creations is free with paid admission to the Museum.

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