Imagine a family dinner—but with a few unusual invited guests! Around the table, you see a drooling baby sandwiched between a Monet painting and an African drum, a mischievous 6 year-old trading food with a Peruvian mask, mom serving her texting teenager and a Buddha statue, and dad deep in conversation with an Edward Hopper landscape. Of course, the paintings, sculpture, and objects at the Dallas Museum of Art don’t go out for dinner parties. But, that feeling of warmth and comfort, the excitement of making new friends, and the sense of togetherness at the family dinner table is what we hope to foster here at We Art Family.

In this blog, we offer tips for looking at art with children, suggest art-making experiences to try at home, feature artwork created by children, share information about the Museum’s programs for families, review art-related books and games, and start conversations about your encounters with works of art. Postings are written by members of the Dallas Museum of Art’s education staff, parents in the community, and special guests and are updated each Monday.

We always have room at the dinner table for more—pull up a chair and join the fun!

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