Superpowers Unite!

Have you heard our big, exciting news? In a nutshell: the Dallas Museum of Art is returning to free admission in January! You can read more about the announcement here.

In the Family Experiences department, we are thrilled with the increased access this will give to families of all shapes and sizes. We hope that you will visit the museum even more, dropping in for a quick visit after the kids get out of school, bringing your mommy playgroup for a morning of play in Arturo’s Nest, making a stop at the DMA when friends are in town, and whenever else it strikes your fancy. Starting January 21st, anytime you come, the museum will be FREE!

The DMA staff have been working behind the scenes now for several months in anticipation of this announcement, coming up with fresh new ideas for activities and programs that families, teachers, and students can use anytime they visit the museum. And in doing so, we realized that we needed to unite our “superpowers.” Iron Man is pretty amazing on his own, but pair him up with the rest of the Avengers and you’ve got an unbeatable team–each with their own abilities working together to make the world better. No, we don’t have flying suits, incredible strength, or a mighty hammer, but we DO have a team of thoughtful, fun, hardworking educators who work both with teachers and school groups and families. And starting today, we are combining our “super” blog forces.

The We Art Family blog and the DMA Educator’s Blog have now merged to become Canvas–a blog for families, students, classroom teachers, museum educators and anyone who loves learning more about the art here at the DMA. To learn more about our vision for Canvas, check out this post. And be sure to make changes in your Favorites bar or Google Reader so that you won’t miss out on our new posts moving forward. All archived posts from 2009 – 2012 will remain here at We Art Family. All future posts about families and children at the DMA will be at:

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