Cool School

Ever wish you could go to school at the Dallas Museum of Art? Perhaps that thought hasn’t even crossed your mind, but since I have the privilege of walking the DMA halls here every day, I’m convinced that this would be the coolest school ever. Imagine studying Greek mythology next to this:

Orpheus Taming Wild Animals, A.D. 194
Eastern Roman Empire, near Edessa
Dallas Museum of Art, gift of David T. Owsley vis the Alconda-Owsley Foundation, and two anonymous donors, in honor of Nancy B. Hamon

Or practicing your geometry in front of this:

Place de la Concorde, 1938-1943
Piet Mondrian
Dallas Museum of Art, Foundation for the Arts Collection, gift of the James H. and Lillian Clark Foundation

Although we don’t technically run a “regular” school here at the museum, we do encourage preschool groups to book the Arturo’s Preschool class for their 3-5 year old classrooms. This tour program is designed especially with young learners in mind, and is a great way to extend their world beyond the walls of their classroom with hands-on, minds-on learning. In the Museum galleries, we take an up-close look at a work of art, read a featured picture book, and try out games and movement activities.

A preschool group imagines throwing a dinner party in the Reves collection dining room

The gallery visit is followed by an art-making project in the Art Studio, where children can explore their ideas through a variety of materials and techniques and take home their unique creations.

Working on a still life in the studio

Program themes and projects change each month, so there is always something new to do!

As the Arturo’s Preschool teacher, I especially enjoy working with preschool groups that come multiple times throughout the year. I see the children becoming more and more comfortable in the museum, and by the time May or June rolls around, they are the ones telling their grown-ups “don’t touch!” They come to realize that their observations, questions, and thoughts about the art are valuable and that their natural desire to create and experiment with materials puts them in good company with many of the world’s most renowned artists. No matter how many times I hear it, I love it when a solemn four year old declares, “I’m an artist!” Of course you are! And we’d love for any budding artists (and their teachers) in the DFW area to take advantage of the Arturo’s Preschool program.

For the 2012-2013 school year, our themes are as follows:

Month Theme Art/Learning Focus
September 2012 Legends & Heroes Art of ancient Mexico
October 2012 A Nose for Art Using our senses
November 2012 Art, Naturally Art in Nature and Nature in Art
December 2012 Bonjour, Paris Toulouse-Lautrec and print-making
January 2013 Crumple, Twist, and Pour Contemporary art and materials
February 2013 A Morning with Monet Impressionism
March 2013 Dreams of Color Marc Chagall
April 2013 Once Upon a Time Portraits and storytelling
May 2013 Looking at Landscapes Landscape painting


This program is free, but registration is required at least three weeks in advance.  Group size is limited to 30 children per program, and we ask that you bring at least one adult chaperone for every ten students. To register, call 214-922-1312.

Hope to see you soon at our “cool school!”

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