A Mother’s Day Masterpiece

Mary Cassatt, “Sleepy Baby,” c. 1910, pastel on paper, Dallas Museum of Art, Munger Fund, 1952.38.M

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and many people will do something special to celebrate their mom. Some may buy flowers, other will send a card, families will go to brunch to celebrate mom, and some overachieving children may even honor their mom with a nice piece of jewelry. Maybe you are even thinking of bringing your family to the DMA to relax and look at works of art to celebrate Mother’s Day. While searching the galleries, see how many works of art you can find that remind you of your mom!

Many moms I know appreciate a handmade gift from their children – sometimes, a gift made just for mom by hand is even more special than sending flowers that will be gone in a week or yet another bottle of perfume. Here are some of my favorite ideas that I have found to give you inspiration for making that special token of love for mom – whether you are a grown-up child making something to let your mom know how much you still appreciate her, a mom helping kids to make something for a beloved grandmother, or a family working together with mom on a project that will forever remind you of a special Mother’s Day.

Martha Stewart tells how to surprise mom with a balloon bouquet that spells out ‘mom’ – so much more fun than flowers!

The gardening section of the HGTV website has step-by-step instructions (with photos!) for creating these fun outdoor windchimes – and no drilling required! This would be a fun activity to complete as a family; kids can be in charge of painting and crafting the flowers, while grown-ups can oversee the measuring of the string, cutting, and assembling. Not only would this garden chime make fun sounds to enjoy, it would brighten up the yard while creating a fun Mother’s Day memory.

PaintCutPaste gives us the inspiration for making customized tote bags for someone special on Mother’s Day. Moms love to see the small handprints of their children! What a fun idea to turn those little hands into a flower – you could even challenge yourself to make an entire garden of flower hands. This is a gift that mom could use often and would surely provoke many compliments!

Who wouldn’t love a garden of poppies on a canvas to hang on the wall? A writer for Multiples and More provides step-by-step instructions for working with children to make this colorful canvas. Picking out decorative paper, cutting circles, and painting – what a fun way to spend an Mother’s Day afternoon with your children?

Happy Mother’s Day!
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  1. thank you for including our handprint tote bags among these wonderful ideas! happy mom’s day!

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