Unleash Your Inner Dr. Frankenstein: Exquisite Corpse Drawings

Looking for a fun way to encourage your children’s drawing skills AND creative thinking? Try playing an exquisite corpse drawing game with them!

An exquisite corpse drawing is created as a group, with each person adding a section without being able to see the rest of the drawing. A group as small as two works, but more people = more fun!

Choose a theme for the drawing before you start to play; today we’ll be making monsters but other ideas could include animals, people, buildings, cars, etc. Your kids will take turns drawing monster heads, bodies, and legs which will combine to make cool monster mash-ups!

Exquisite corpse drawing from a DMA homeschool class.

Magical Monster Exquisite Corpse Game

What you’ll need: large sheets of paper, drawing materials

How to play:

  1. Fold each sheet of paper into thirds; unfold and lay flat. A different monster body part will be drawn in each third: the top third will be for monster heads, the middle third for bodies, and the bottom third for legs (or tentacles, what have you).
  2. Give each participant one sheet of paper. Each person will start off by drawing a monster head in the top third of the page. Encourage your kids to fill up the space with their drawing. When finished, fold the top third of the paper back and have each child pass the sheet to the person on their right; the kids should not be able to see what their neighbors drew.
  3. Each child should now draw a monster body in the middle third of the sheet of paper they just received. Again, urge them to fill up the space and when finished, have them fold the paper back and pass it to the person on their right.
  4. Players should now draw monster legs on the sheet of paper in front of them. Once everyone has finished, unfold all of the drawings to look at all of the monsters that were created. The game can continue for as many rounds as you’d like.

Some post-game ideas:

  • Name your monsters and give them biographies.
  • Make an exquisite corpse flip book: carefully cut the drawings into thirds. Stack all of the body parts together: heads in one pile, bodies in another, etc. Line the piles up and attach them to a piece of cardstock or heavy paper (you could use staples, clips, etc.). Flip to different pages in each pile to make endless array of monster combinations!
  • Make a sculpture of your favorite monsters that were created using Model Magic or any other air-dry clay.

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