In honor of Earth Day, observed on April 22, and in anticipation of Arbor Day on Friday, April 27, let’s discover how art can celebrate the earth, especially thinking about the trees!  Remember, without ART the EARTH would just be EH – you bet!

Let’s put on our hiking shoes for a scenic tour through the DMA in search of works of art inspired by mother nature. Bring along your I-spy eyes so you don’t miss the breathtaking views! I’ve rooted around the museum and picked a colorful canopy of a few of my foliage favorites.

The first stop on our tour is the Nature Wishes Tree in the C3 Studio created during our April First Tuesday.

Thanks to wonderful environmentally-friendly visitors, our bare little tree sprouted beautiful paper leaves blooming with best tree wishes. Some of my favorite wishes include: “I wish trees would stay forever” and “I wish everyone would plant a tree, signed Ava”. You can even create your own Nature Wishes Tree! How can you create a tree out of materials to be recycled? What special wish would you write for nature and trees?

You may need your shades as we continue on our nature art adventure. On Level 2 in the European Galleries, look for a sunny work of art with tall trees painted with many small dots of paint. Imagine how warm the weather might be and how it might feel to stop and sit in the shade.  I know I’m very thankful for the shade trees provide in the summer!

Paul Signac, Comblat-le-Château, the Meadow (Le Pré), Opus 161, June–July 1887, Dallas Museum of Art, The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Art Fund, Inc., in honor of Bonnie Pitman (Level 2, European Galleries)

I hope you’re enjoying your nature hike! There are so many wonderful works of art in the galleries at the DMA that celebrate nature. Oh look, here are a few more!

The Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup, 1600, Dallas Museum of Art, The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Art Fund, Inc. (Level 3, Arts of Japan)

Georgia O'Keeffe, Bare Tree Trunks with Snow, 1946, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Art Association Purchase (Level 4, American Galleries)

Laura Owens, Untitled, 2004, The Rachofsky Collection and the Dallas Museum of Art through the DMA/amfAR Benefit Auction Fund

Visit us soon to discover your favorite work of art inspired by nature, and trees!

I recommend finding a big shady tree to read these books about trees:

  • Poetrees by Douglas Florian (April is national poetry month)
  • The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
  • The Wump World by Bill Peet

Have fun!

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