Welcome to our friend from Down Under!

We are pleased to have Louisa Penfold with us for two weeks while she is on a whirlwind museum tour through the United States. Learn more about Louisa and what she is doing while here.

Hi! My name is Louisa and I am currently doing the Master of Museum Studies at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. My first stop here in the U.S. is Dallas, where I am doing a research placement within the family program at Dallas Museum of Art. My research at Dallas Museum of Art is looking at the key principles behind family programs and how this is implemented in the gallery space. I have also been looking at how certain types of exhibitions, public programs and events encourage family interaction within the American art museum today.

Louisa Penfold at the Dallas Museum of Art

In addition to Dallas Museum of Art, I will also be visiting the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Denver Art Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the American Art Museum and the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center.

My favorite thing about working in art museums is being able to learn about the lives and ideas of different artists from all over the world. When I was growing up in Australia, my family went on lots of holidays around the country, I think that these memories created an endless love of travel and learning about different places, cultures and people.


One of the biggest differences between art museums in Australia and in the U.S is the different focuses within the collection. In Australia, there is nowhere near as many ancient works from the Americas or Modernist pieces in the collection. There tends to be more of a focus on Aboriginal Australian and contemporary Asia Pacific art. Since I arrived in Dallas I tried TexMex for the first time, it was so delicious! It has been a pleasure working in C3 with the fantastic Family Experiences team.

Fun Facts about Me
I have lived in France
I love tennis and swimming
My favourite food is sushi

My Favorite Works at DMA
Piet Mondrian – Place de la Concorde 1938-1943
Mark Rothko – Orange, Red, Red 1962
Gerhard Richter – Orchid I (Orchidee 1) 1988

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