Rainy Day Crafts: Knot-ical Jewelry

Looking for a fun craft to make with your kids on a rainy day like today? Create some knot jewelry! These whimsical designs will complement the nautical look that’s so popular right now and make terrific bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, etc.

All you need is some long string, rope, or cord depending on how thick you want your creation to be. The example I’ve made is from a long leather cord. To get started, I did a quick google search for different knots which I strongly suggest–there are lots of knots that would work well based on the look you want to achieve.

Two knots that work really well for bracelets are the chain sinnet and the turk’s head knots. I’ve included pictures for making the latter and full instructions can be found at http://www.animatedknots.com/turkshead/index.php. Instead of tying the knot around a piece of wood I used my wrist, keeping the knot loose enough that I could still slip it off when I want to remove it.

A beautiful variation is to make one out of cotton rope and to hand-dye it. I would suggest a natural dye if you can find it but Rit dyes and the like will work in a pinch. Experiment with dyeing times and techniques; you can get fantastic two-tone or split color results. I pour my dye into a medium-sized pint cup and suspend the bracelet so that only half of it is submerged at once–I hang it on a bamboo skewer that sits across the opening of the cup. Check out these amazing examples by Los Angeles-based artist Tanya Aguiniga:

That’s it! The hardest part is getting the pattern for the turk’s head knot down but once you do, you won’t forget it. Great project if you need something to do during Spring Break, too! Experiment with your own designs, combine different knots together and have fun!

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