Inspired by Dance!

Today I presented a gallery talk on the human figure, featuring the sculpture Jean d’Aire by Auguste Rodin and engravings by William Hogarth on Level 2 in the European Galleries.

Jean d'Aire from the Burghers of Calais, completed 1895 (plaster by 1885, cast in the early 20th century), Auguste Rodin

A Rake's Progress - Plate 1 - The Young Heir Takes Possession Of The Miser's Effects, William Hogarth

During my research for the presentation, I discovered that Rodin and Hogarth were inspired by dance and the moving body, and often sketched dancers in motion as reference for their works of art. Rodin was interested in experimental dance, especially the modern dances of Isadora Duncan.

Here are two works of art in the Face to Face: International Art at the DMA exhibit that make me think about dancing!

Shiva Nataraja, 11th century. Hindu god Shiva as Lord of the Dance.

Dancer on Stage, Taking Her Bow (Danceuse sur scène, saluant) 1891-1892, Edgar Degas

Think of how you can be inspired by dance and movement to create your own works of art!

  • Look around your home and find materials you can use to to create a sculpture. Think about how your sculpture might move it, move it, move it!
  • Paint a picture to express your feelings about dance. Use the largest piece of paper or cardboard you can find and paint freestyle, en pointe, or jazz it up!
  • Visit the museum and find the sculpture by Rodin, Jean d’ Aire, and try to take that pose! How would the sculpture move if it could dance?
  • Bring your sketchbook and drawing pencils to the museum and create your own drawings inspired by the works of art in Face to Face: International Art at the DMA on Level 1. How can you use different types of line in your own drawings to express movement and dance?

Have fun!

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