An Artful Valentine’s Day

Eros lamp holder, Greek, perhaps from Asia Minor, Hellenistic period, early 1st century B.C., bronze, The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Art Fund, Inc., in honor of Anne Bromberg’s 30th anniversary with the Dallas Museum of Art, 2005.12.a–b.McD

 This morning, while strolling through the new Face to Face exhibition with Leah, I noticed the Eros lamp holder. Upon closer inspection, we learned that Eros is the Greek god of love and that this figure was orginally attached to an oil lamp most likely made in the eastern Mediterranean for a wealthy house or villa in Italy. Very romantic! Speaking of romance, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day – a day for people we love, chocolate, red, and hearts. No plans yet for the big day? Take inspiration from the Museum’s collection – here are some ideas for you:

Abraham Hendricksz van Beyeren, Still Life with Landscape, 1650s

This still life scene is a feast for the eyes! Why not cook up a dinner for a beloved family member? Conjure up a fun theme – this artist celebrated nautical life with the objects he chose to represent. If cooking isn’t your idea of a great time, why not…

Isaac Soyer, Art Beauty Shoppe, 1934

Isaac Soyer, Art Beauty Shoppe, 1934

…get dressed up! These ladies are intent on looking their best with a visit to the beauty shop. Some will go to great lengths for curly hair – can you spot the machine used to put a perm in one lucky lady’s locks? Okay – so, no cooking for you and you are all dressed up with no place to go? How about…

George Grosz, A Dallas Night, 1952

…the beautiful city of Dallas! With the skyline bright and beautiful at night, celebrate your love of the city! With all of the hustle and bustle that the artist captured of Dallas in 1952, imagine how much an evening in Dallas has to offer today. Would you rather not fight the crowds? Maybe you just want to order in for the big day. Just don’t forget to…

Philip Evergood, Portrait of My Mother, 1927-1946

…remember your mother! Every mom deserves a special Valentine’s Day. Philip Evergood loved his mother and had a very close relationship with her. While talking with his mom one day, he said, “Mother, I have never seen anyone with such beautiful eyes…I’d like to paint you!” What a beautiful tribute for the artist to make to his red-haired mother. Why not paint a favorite family member – definitely a unique Valentine’s Day gift. Be sure to include ALL family members on February 14…

S. Seymour Thomas, Vicomte de Manneville and His Dog, 1908

…even furry, four-legged family members! Show your pet how much you care with more play time in the backyard, a tasty treat, extra cuddle time, or a special pat on the head as seen in this painting – just look at the adoring gaze of Vicomte de Manneville’s prized pup!

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day, I hope you have a great day!

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