What’s New in the Studio: February

Imagine that this sculpture was some sort of machine…what would it do? What would it sound like? How would it move? Created by the artist Mark Manders, Finished Sentence makes us wonder–is this a device that allows tea bags to speak? If so, what would they say? Obsessed with the language of objects, Manders arranges unusual, handmade materials that challenge us to think of these objects in new ways.

During this month’s Studio Creations activity, you’ll have the chance to create your own contraption inspired by the exhibition Mark Manders: Parallel Occurences/Documented Assignments. Your challenge is to take ordinary materials and contruct a machine; this machine can can be non-functioning and have an imaginary purpose, similar to Finished Sentence. Or, you can try your hand at making a device that can make a mark!

Once you are finished with your construction, make a label for it with its name, purpose, and the materials you used. And if you created a drawing machine, try using it to make a sketch! Anything you make is yours to keep. Here’s an example of a contraption I built to make circles:

Two pens are attached to a gear at the end of the device, which is spun by turning a crank at the other end of the contraption. The pens are set at different lengths so that each one draws a large circle while the other draws a smaller circle. Your own machine can be as simple or as complex as you’d like–it’s up to your imagination!

Mark Manders: Parallel Occurences/Documented Assignments is on view through April 15th and is free with paid admission to the Museum.

Studio Creations is an art-making activity for families offered Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00-3:30 p.m. (with some exceptions). Join us for a different project each month! The program is free with paid admission to the Museum and all materials are provided. Volunteers are on hand to help you and your family create your own original works of art!

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