A Dallas Museum of Art Love Connection

To help celebrate the New Year, we’d like to share an exciting story of new beginnings that took place in our very own Center for Creative Connections (C3) space recently! We know that C3 is an amazing place to reflect on your own life through works of art and even create your own art at the Space Bar, right? Well one creative guy did all of the above for love and made some new memories too . . .

What’s sparkly, made with love, and spells out “the question”? A work of art created at the C3 Space Bar turned secret romantic marriage proposal! Nine shiny boxes exclaiming “Marry Me!” in bright paper and colorful foam shapes to be exact. It was created days ahead of time in preparation for the proposal AND it was entrusted to the eager guardians and super secret agents on staff in the C3 and Family Experiences department, including yours truly.  We were so protective of Richard’s work of art, just like it was hanging in one of the DMA galleries!

He decided to propose to Laura at the DMA because of its special meaning for them – the March 2011 Friday Late Night was their first date!  So we wanted to help make this moment as special as possible. On Saturday, November 19, 2011, as planned, we placed his work of art on the C3 Space Bar wall shelves, set slightly apart from the other creations. Keeping this work of art noticeable yet somewhat covert was quite a task!

Just as his work of art began gathering attention from a few curious onlookers, the happy couple entered the C3 space after visiting some of the other museum galleries.  As we watched from a distance, Richard guided Laura near the agreed upon spot where his art gleamed from the shelves.  The next thing we knew, he was down on one knee popping the question, “Will you marry me?”!  With shrieks of surprise, the proposal was accepted and a beautiful sparkly ring, given in love, was slipped on her finger.

Richard and Laura in front of Accumulation Project by Annette Lawrence

Thank you Richard & Laura for including us in your special day! We look forward to seeing you on your anniversaries!

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One response to “A Dallas Museum of Art Love Connection

  1. Catherine Golterman

    That is very sweet and well thought. Congratulations!

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