Let it Snow

Our neighbors in the Texas Panhandle are under a blizzard watch, but here in Dallas all we will get is rain. If you are in need of a wintery wonderland to get into the holiday spirit, the forecast here at the DMA calls for some snow heading your way! Hum a line or two of the song Let It Snow and use the images below to play a snowy seek-and-find.

Composition 7–Snow, Raymond Jonson, 1928

Oh the weather outside is frightful
Can you find a snow cave in this picture?

Winter Scene in Brooklyn, Francis Guy, c. 1817-1820

But the fire is so delightful
Search for clues that tell you all the people in this town must be inside. (Hint: Look at the chimneys).

Dallas in Winter, Guy Carleton Wiggins, c. 1942

 So when there’s no place to go…
How many cars are stuck in the snow?


West Texas Snow, Perry Nichols, 1941

Let it snow
How many white horses are in the herd?


Fox in the Snow, Gustave Courbet, 1860

Let it snow
What is the fox doing?

East Dallas House in Snow, John Breckinridge Martin, 1913

Let it snow
Can you find a rocking chair left outside?

Feeling inspired to create your own snow scene? Have your child draw a snow scene on heavy paper, then “paint” over the entire image with a super-saturated mixture of equal parts Epsom salt and water (boiling the mixture helps the salt to dissolve). As the mixture dries, small snow-like crystals will form.

Whether you have snow or not, we wish the warmest of holidays!

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