A Thanksgiving Riddle

Just four more days until Turkey Day! Are you ready? For me, Thanksgiving is all about family, food, and taking some time to really think about the good things in my life. Just one of the things on that list…working at the Dallas Museum of Art! So for today’s post, I searched our collection for works of art that to me, illustrate essential ingredients for the perfect Thanksgiving. Look closely at the images and use my hints to see if you can guess what each work of art represents!

"Williams Bar-b-qued Turkey," by Don Eddy

 The star of the dinner table is always a sight
But disappears quickly when you take your first bite.
(Hint: Search for a Thanksgiving word in the picture above.)

“An Apple Pie for the Church Every Sunday,” by Ferne Koch

Pumpkin, cherry, apple, oh my!
Hurry please and pass the . . .
(Hint: What is the woman taking out of the oven?)

“Sunday after Dinner,” by Russel Vernon Hunter

Mom, dad, brother, grandma, cousin, sis
At Thanksgiving we all get together for fun not to be missed.
(Hint: How might the people in this painting be related?)

“Thanksgiving” by Doris Lee

This is where the action is on Thanksgiving day.
Lots of food and lots of cooks—try not to get in the way!
To get everything done in time, it’s a cooking race.
Do you know the name of this culinary place?
(Hint: What room do you see in the picture above?)

Bed by Crawford Riddell

The feast is over, tummies are filled.
Leftovers are saved for tomorrow’s meal.
In a bed, on the couch, or curled up in mom’s lap,
It’s time for a nice post-Thanksgiving …
(Hint: what is another word for sleep?)

{Answers: turkey, pie, family, kitchen, nap}

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!

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