Bite-Sized Art Online!

Art powers activate! The DMA offers four self-guided tour brochures (see Leah’s great review in our September 7, 2010 post) that are now available online! Two of the self-guided tours, Superheroes and Seeing Red, were designed with families in mind!

It’s up, up and away with the Superheroes self-guided tour exploring works of art on Level 3. As you follow the guide, use your imagination to create stories for the characters you see. Perhaps your hero needs a trusty steed! Be sure to look in the China and Japan galleries for a figure of a horse and a gold wooden saddle. Can you use your superpowers to discover which work of art in this brochure is not on display right now? Clue: It’s suit-ed for a warrior! If we use our imaginations, think about how this suit might be hidden from our view, covered by a powerful cloak of invisibility!

A colorful adventure awaits on Level 4! The Seeing Red self-guided tour is hot stuff! Using this guide, look closely for the works of art with the color red. Why do you think the artists chose to use this color? What colors would you use to create your own work of art? Create your own adventure looking for works of art with your favorite color!

Go green and download the self-guided tour brochures to help plan your museum adventure. You can even bring them along on a mobile device for your next museum visit! See you soon!

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