Tall on Education!

We really look up to contemporary artist Mark Bradford!

Not just because he’s 6’8″, but because of his creativity and passion for arts education, especially his work with K-12 audiences. As an artist, he creates works of art that reflect his life experiences and express his feelings about the world, including ideas gathered from his mother’s beauty salon and the Hurricane Katrina disaster. As an educator, he encourages students to think about their own families, neighborhoods and communities, and to use those ideas as inspiration for their own art. Take a look at his work with the Getty Artists Program for art-making ideas.

When you walk through his exhibit, Mark Bradford, at the Dallas Museum of Art, take some time to look at the works of art and think about . . .

  • What makes your neighborhood unique for you?
  • Do the names of the streets in your neighborhood have meaning to you?
  • What places do you visit most in your community?
  • If you were talking about your neighborhood with a new friend, what would you share with them?
  • Who lives in your neighborhood? (moms, dads, friends, teachers, doctors, artists, etc.)

Then try this at home . . .

  • Paint a picture using colors and shapes of how your neighborhood feels to you.
  • What materials would you use to create a collage about your community?
  • Think of the sounds, smells, textures, and tastes that remind you of places in your community. Some places might be your school, a park, museums,  etc.
  • Draw your neighborhood from an ant’s perspective and then from a bird’s perspective. How are they similar and how are they different?
  • What are some materials you could use to create a work or art without using paint? Think of how Mark Bradford uses different kinds of paper to create paintings.
  • Be sure to create titles for each of your works of art!

For more information about Mark Bradford and his work as an artist and educator, visit the Dallas Museum of Art, the Art21 blog, “The Mark Bradford Project” and The Getty Artists Program.

The exhibit, Mark Bradford, is on view at the Dallas Museum of Art through January 15, 2012.

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