Guest Blog Post: Our Favorite Furry Friend

October is Art Beyond Sight (ABS) Awareness month and all month long our programming is all about exploring art without vision. Today our guest blog post is from someone who has attended every ABS program with my favorite artist, John Bramblitt.

Our mystery guest is someone who is an essential part of John’s life – his guide dog, Echo!




Echo, what is the best part about being John’s dog?

I get to go everywhere that John goes – in restaurants, planes, trains, stores – you name it! We have been all over the country, but the best part is the workshops where I get to meet the kids!

Echo and John in the galleries during a family program.

Tell us a little bit about the training that you have had to become a guide dog.

I knew I was going to be a guide dog from the time I was born – all of my brothers and sisters are guide dogs too! For my first year I got to live with a family, and I had a special vest that said, “Guide Dog in Training,” which let them take me everywhere they went. From as far back as I can remember I have always gone to work, school, and wherever else the family went. I also spent weekends at the guide dog school where I hung out with my brothers and sisters and met Sarah, who is the person that taught me everything I know about being a guide dog. When I was a year old I went to live full time at the school and learned all of the things that I do now to help John – like how to cross the street safely, and how to find most anything he might need like stairs, water fountains, trash cans, and even the bathroom! I love to find things, and I can find pretty much anything that John needs!

Where is the most exciting place to where you have traveled with John?

We have been to a lot of places…hmmm…New York was a lot of fun, and it was the first time either John or I rode the subway; what an exciting experience that was! The funniest part was when John was giving a talk in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I fell asleep under the table beneath the microphone so the whole auditorium could hear me snoring!

What are some things that you enjoy when you visit the DMA with John?

I like the workshops the best because I get to meet children and their parents. I have made a lot of friends with some of the people who work at the Museum – it is always so much fun to visit!

Kids in a summer art camp and Echo - doggie kisses!

What is your favorite part of the day?

I love to go places! So anytime we are heading out the door to go somewhere is my absolute favorite time of day! Hmmm…I also like nap time quite a lot, and snack time too – oh, and let’s not forget playtime!

Thanks, Echo! Visit the DMA for ABS programming to meet Echo and her human, John. To learn more about ABS programming, please click here.

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