Tasty paintings

October is Art Beyond Sight Awareness month and our Family Experiences and Access Programs throughout the month are all about exploring works of art without using vision. Help us to kick off our fun month this Saturday with a special painting workshop, Sightless Studio Creations, with guest artist, John Bramblitt. Visitors will learn all about John’s process of painting as a blind artist and how he visualizes colors, sounds, smells, and even taste!

John talking with a group of children in the Studio.

John just completed a painting of a cheeseburger filled with colorful fixings of things that you might not imagine – bright blue American cheese anyone? John painted the burger fillings with colors that he associates with each ingredient. He will have the painting on view in our Studio during Art Beyond Sight programming if you want a tasty treat for the eyes.

During Sightless Studio Creations, participants will receive a raised line drawing of an image along with textured paint. To mimic John’s process, visitors can feel the lines and fill in the image with paint – all while wearing a blindfold!

Sightless painting

To learn more about our Art Beyond Sight programming, visit our website for more details.

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