It’s great to be back!

Hi, my name is Mary Jordan and I am the 2011-2012 McDermott Education Intern in Family Experiences. I’m so excited to be here, educating and learning in the art museum spaces working directly with the Family Experiences team again, this time for an entire year and with a desk! In 2010, I worked in the department as a summer intern and saw the most amazing creative hands-on learning happening – I was hooked! Since then you may have seen me in the museum as a guest artist leading sketching programs for families and adults during a variety of programs including First Tuesdays and C3 events. A big shout out to my amazing summer art camp students: keep drawing!

As a professional medical illustrator, the visual arts and life sciences are near and dear to my heart. I see the two coming together in Family Experiences and C3 programs in the art museum spaces all the time and it’s so inspiring! As you can tell, I’m pretty jazzed about education and visual art connections! I’m earning my M.A. in art education with an art museum education and arts advocacy focus at UNT. I’m looking forward to being immersed in Family Experiences education programs, interacting with visitors of all ages and abilities, encouraging creativity in others and in myself! Don’t be afraid to bring your sketch pad and drawing pencils with you the next time you visit the museum. When you take time to observe and draw from works of art, you’ll be amazed at what you see – have fun!

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