Make This! African-Inspired Headwear

Royal crown (ade), Nigeria, Yoruba peoples, late 19th to early 20th century

Come and see the fantastic exhibition African Headwear: Beyond Fashion on view through January 1st, 2012! When you get home, make some headwear of your own inspired by your visit.


  • Thick poster board (I use colored 6-ply railroad board)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Collage materials (yarn, decorative paper, colored tape, beads, etc.)


  • Cut your poster board into long strips (2″ wide works well).
  • Make a headband to use as the base of your hat (make sure the teeth of the staples are facing out).

  • Add more strips to create the body of your hat.

  • Decorate your hat with markers, collage materials, etc.

  • Once you have the basic idea down, create your own design and experiment with the strips to create new shapes like twists, swirls, and loops!

Leopard Hat Mask

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One response to “Make This! African-Inspired Headwear

  1. What an awesome project! Love the way yours came out!

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