Summer Top Ten

With the thermometer still reading 105 degrees, it’s hard to feel like summer is over, but with the kids off to school again this week, the museum doesn’t feel quite as busy as it has for the past three months. This summer in particular has felt like a whirlwind of activity for me, and it’s hard to believe it’s already over! So as I switch back into “school” mode, I thought I’d take one last look at our summer of fun at the DMA with a Summer Top Ten List.

10. Keeping cool with the museum’s air conditioning

When it was too hot outside, we just created our own inside playspace.

I don’t think I could have survived without the museum’s topnotch cooling system. Even when it was triple digits outside, we sometimes needed sweaters inside!

9. DTC acting workshops

Taking an animal pose

The amazing education team at the Dallas Theater Centerpartnered with us on a First Tuesday to offer mini acting classes for kids. The energy and excitement in the room was contagious!

8. kids vs. adults

Museum charades

This summer we experimented with some new ideas, and created a fun family game that pits children against adults in a battle of creativity. In this shot, a young girl is trying to act out the word “paint brush” for her brother in the charade round.

7. Puppet shows

The marionettes in action

We had some pretty amazing performances at the DMA this summer. Hansel & Gretel by Le Theatre de Marionettewas a big hit!

6. Matisse Ivy in Flower

"Ivy in Flower," Henri Matisse

If I could have one piece from the DMA in my home (and if I had a home big enough!), I would probably choose Matisse’s Ivy in Flower. I have felt so lucky this summer to walk by this colorful work each morning and evening going to and from my office. It just makes me happy!

5. Special guests

Toni Austin-Allen teaches the children about how a piano makes sounds

For one of the summer camps I taught, we invited community guests to come in and share with the kids about how their unique jobs all involve their own kind of creativity. We had a police office, an opera singer, a yoga teacher, a photographer and many more come visit, and it was always the highlight of our day. Toni Austin-Allen had the kids mesmerized when she performed on the grand piano in the Horchow Auditorium.

4. Interns

Our amazing team of interns with paper dolls we made for them as a goodbye gift

Give me a W-O-W! Did we ever luck out in getting some of the best summer interns around. We had four interns who kept our summer camps running smoothly, and two graduate interns who basically did a little bit of everything. We would have never survived our busy summer without them!

3. BooksmART festival

Caldecott award-winning Jerry Pinkney leads story time

Our first ever BooksmART festival in June was one of my all-time favorite days of working at the DMA. I’ve admitted before that I’m a bit of a children’s book groupie, and getting to meet and hear so many fabulous children’s authors all in one place left me a little star-struck. I can’t wait for next year’s event!

2. Feet painting

Painting with our feet!

I’m not usually a fan of getting crazy messy—it’s just who I am, and I’ve accepted it. But for summer camp this year, I tried to break out of my own comfort zone and had my kids paint with their feet. It was a hilarious experience. The kids laid on their backs and painted with their feet on paper taped to the wall. We had little painty footprints get onto the floor, but it was worth it to see the huge smiles on their faces.

1. The kids

Summer camp kids

What can I say? I love working with children here at the DMA! I had an amazing summer because I got to spend most of it with some of my favorite people—4-6 year olds. They are curious, insightful, goofy, inspirational, creative, hilarious, kind, and so much fun. One of the best parts of my jobs is getting to see them grow up throughout the year as they come back again and again to the museum.

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