Bonjour nos nouveaux amis!

Hello new friends! Hundreds of families from all over the Dallas-area visit the Museum each week during the summertime, but we don’t have a large amount of international visitors. We were so lucky last week to have a family here all the way from France!

Isabel, Thibault, Arthur, and Chrystel in front of Delunay's Eiffel Tower

My dear friend Chrystel is from France, but has lived in the United States for about eight years. Almost every year, someone from her large family visits her and she gets to tour them around Dallas. This year, Chrystel’s sister Isabel is visiting from Wissous, France with her two boys, Thibault and Arthur. A frequent visitor to the DMA herself, Chrystel decided to bring her family here to show them around.

Arthur and Thibault adding a response to a wall in C3

Thinking about perspective in C3.

Thibault drew the Eiffel Tower, but added other well-known Paris architecture.

Isabel was amazed at all of the things that museums in the United States have to offer for families, and her children were eager to view artwork in the Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection, explore the Center for Creative Connections, and participate in our half-price Thursday family programming.

Everyone loved the unique designs in the Form/Unformed exhibition!

Thibault loves to draw and his favorite part of the Museum visit was sketching in the galleries. Arthur’s favorite thing was the Art of the American Indians exhibition. The entire family spent a lot of time at the Space Bar in the Center for Creative Connections and each left a work of art on display. The family was especially excited to see The Divers (Red and Black) by Fernand Léger because their street is Rue Fernand Leger and they never knew that it was named after an artist!


Sketching in the galleries

Chrystel’s mom is planning to visit her this winter and she already planning another Museum visit for her family – only this time to see The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk exhibition. Trés chic!

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