Cup, Cone, or Museum….?

When I moved to Texas, I was forewarned that the summer was going to be hot. Did I listen? Of course not! I figured that if I could survive humid summers in Tennessee, that the dryer heat in Texas would be a breeze. On Sunday afternoon, I was driving in my car, and I started to wonder if my air conditioning was broken because it seemed hotter than usual. Then, I passed one of those time and temperature billboards, and it read 111. I decided that it was time to cool off with one of my favorite cool treats—ice cream. For those of you who didn’t know, Sunday was also National Ice Cream Day—as if I needed another excuse to eat some ice cream! In honor of the sweet treat (and my new favorite national holiday), I wanted to share some works of that reminded me of some of my favorite ice cream flavors…

Matt Connors's Soul Error (Vertical), 2010 instantly reminded me of a New Age Neapolitan.

I was dead set on finding a white work of art by a French artist to be French Vanilla--I found success with Brancusi's 1920 sculpture Beginning of the World.

Sterling Ruby's 3P, 31 (2008) neon work is reminiscent of cool rainbow sherbert.

Raymond Jonson's Composition 7 -Snow from 1925 reminds me of the blue cotton candy or bubblegum ice cream that children love just because of the color.

Chunky Monkey, anyone? (Architectural Sculpture Depicting a Monkey, Indonesa: West Sumatra, late 19th-early 20th c.)

Phish food! (Vase, Japan Meiji Period, Late 19th c).

The swirls of color in the onyx in Bojan Šarčević's 2010 sculpture She look like the surface of an untouched carton of Pecan Praline.

And, we can’t forget about the toppings….

The slow pours of Morris Louis's 1960 Delta Kappa looks like chocolate syrup. Yum!

A detail of Sam Francis’s Emblem (1959), which reminds me of my favorite sundae topping–sprinkles!

Did you miss the chance to eat ice cream on Sunday for National Ice Cream day? Don’t worry because July is National Ice Cream month, which gives all of us an excuse to eat some extra ice cream for the next two weeks.

Stay cool!

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