What’s New in the Studio: July

Seal-gut Parka, c. 1890-1910, Central Yup'ik, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska

This month we’re changing things up for our weekend and Late Night Studio Creations activity! Usually, we have a wide variety of materials for you to choose from when making your art project, but for July you’ll be taking a Marvelous-Mystery-Materials-Challenge! Our inspiration is the special exhibition Art of the American Indians: The Thaw Collection, which is on view through September 4th. One of the most compelling aspects of the exhibition to me is the creativity and ingenuity shown by the cultures featured in creating truly incredible objects using supplies from their environment. For instance, the parka pictured above was crafted from seal intestines that were freeze dried and hand-sewn together to make a waterproof shell for the wearer.

This idea of using what’s available to you is the spirit behind July’s Studio Creations project. You’ll be given a paper bag of mystery materials and your challenge is to construct something using only those supplies (and remember, the bag counts as part of those supplies, too!). What you create is entirely up to you–it could be something purely decorative; something to wear; or something to be used, like a tool or special container. We encourage you to explore the exhibition beforehand for inspiration; free Family Gallery Guides are available that highlight a few objects for you and your family to look at together.

Studio Creations is a family art-making activity offered on weekends and Late Nights. Join us for a different project each month! Volunteers are on hand to help you create your own work of art. All supplies are provided; Studio Creations is free with paid admission to the Museum.

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