Welcome Holly and Nicole!!

This summer we are so lucky to have two great summer interns helping us out from UNT, Holly York and Nicole Newland! Holly and Nicole are our guest bloggers this week, and we asked them to share some fun facts about themselves. Take careful notes and feel free to quiz them on their bios if you see them around the museum… or just say hi!

Our two UNT interns Holly (left) and Nicole (right)!

Holly York

The museum has had a busy start to the summer with First Tuesday, the BooksmART festival, and an Autism Awareness Family Celebration, and I am excited to be here as a Family Programs summer intern. The entire museum staff has been helpful as I learn my way around the museum.

Here are a few interesting things about me:

  1. I moved to Texas from Lansing, Kansas in January for graduate school at the University of North Texas. The museum is a nice way to cool off in the hot Texas summer.
  2. I earned a bachelor’s of fine arts in painting from Kansas State University in 2008.
  3. My semester abroad in London inspired me to pursue a career in museum education.
  4. I’ve been stuck between floors in a very small elevator during a trip to Barcelona, Spain for twenty minutes. By the time we were pulled out the mirrors in the elevator had fogged up!  I now have a fear of crowded elevators.
  5. I had five wisdom teeth. The surgeon took out the fifth wisdom tooth, at no extra charge.

One of my favorite work of art in the museum is Emblem by Sam Francis. I can imagine the artist quickly adding the blocks of color and letting the paint drip down the canvas.  The bold colors allow hidden shapes to appear, and I envision a lively street festival filled with balloons, streamers, and flags!

Nicole Newland:

Hello everyone! My name is Nicole, and I am one of the Family Programs Interns at the Dallas Museum of Art for the summer of 2011. I am so happy to be working here, spending my time with wonderful people and wonderful works of art!

Here are a few interesting things about me:

  1. I am an unabashed foodie. I love cooking and baking, and I even make wedding cakes for the (very) special people in my life. Right now, because its summer, I am obsessed with all the wonderful fresh fruits of the season; strawberries, blueberries, and apricots are my favorites.
  2. I love love love to read, especially post-apocalyptic science fiction like Nick Harkaway’s The Gone Away World.
  3. I have a dog named Duke who may just be one of the most spoiled dogs on planet. He regularly takes up the whole bed and gets all the treats he wants. But he’s so cute I can’t say no!
  4. I studied art history at the University of Texas at Austin in college. Right now I am working on my master’s degree in Art Education at the University of North Texas.
  5. It has always been a dream of mine to work in an art museum. I can’t believe how lucky I am that my dream has come true, and I get to work at the Dallas Museum of Art! In my few short weeks here at the museum I have been privileged to share my passion for art with others, and it is one of the best experiences I have had so far. I go home everyday exhausted but beaming!

Lastly, my favorite piece in the museum would have to be Phil/Fingerprint by Chuck Close. I love this work for a few reasons. First, I love that Close took something as traditional as portraiture and figured out a new and interesting way to do it. Using fingerprints and grids to create a new image of the composer Phillip Glass he created a new visual vocabulary—a  new way of doing something routine.  Secondly, I love that Phillip Glass is the subject of this work. I really like the idea of famous artists being friends and learning from each other, even though one is a visual artist and the other is a musician.


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One response to “Welcome Holly and Nicole!!

  1. Laura Evans

    Congratulations Holly and Nicole! It sounds like an amazing learning experience in an extraordinary place, all while surrounded by wonderful people. Truly a summer to remember! Thanks to the DMA for hosting our UNT students!

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