What’s New in the Studio: June

Thomas Sully, "Cinderella at the Kitchen Fire", 1843

Art Tells a Story
This is your chance to create your very own “Night at the Museum” moment! If the works of art at the DMA came to life, what would they say to you? What stories would they tell? For this month’s Studio Creations activity, you’ll have the chance to imagine for yourself by creating stories based on artworks in our collection. Grab a Gallery Guide and a pencil from the Art Studio in the Center for Creative Connections, which will take you to three examples of artworks based on stories–some may be familiar to you, others may not. As a family, discuss what part of the story the artist chose to depict; would you have chosen the same or a different scene?
The prompts in the Gallery Guide will help you write your own tale based on the works of art you visited. It could be a completely original story or a continuation/variation of one that you learned about in the galleries. You’ll come up with a setting, a cast of characters, and a problem to be solved. When you are finished writing, return to the Art Studio to make a three-dimensional scene from your story!
Studio Creations is a free art-making activity for families offered every Saturday and Sunday (with some exceptions) from 1:00-3:30 p.m. Join us each month for a different project based on a work in the Museum’s collection or special exhibition. Volunteers are on hand to help you create your own original works of art; all supplies are provided. Studio Creations is free with paid admission to the Museum and is free for members.
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