BooksmART Countdown!

I’m not quite sure when exactly I fell in love with children’s books. It could have been when I was three, and my mom read books to me before bed. Or it could have been when I was ten, and devoured every Nancy Drew book ever written. Or perhaps it was in college, when I worked part-time in the university library for the children’s librarian. Whenever it was, the fact of the matter is that I love books and reading and especially children’s books. So would you be at all surprised that I am counting the days until our first annual BooksmART festival this coming Saturday?

As we’ve been planning the event for the past year, every time another author was confirmed for the festival, I’d gasp. Rick Riordan?! Jerry Pinkney?! David Wiesner?! All of these brilliant authors in the same place at the same time? It is going to be a very exciting day.

And what I especially love about the BooksmART program is that it not only brings authors and children together, but it also reminds us of the connections between literature and art. On Saturday, families can take special guided tours of the DMA’s collection and see works of art that might remind them of a favorite character in a story. Or you spend time in the studio, participating in hands-on art workshops with several of the author-illlustrators. Younger children can relax in our pop-up reading lounge and listen to stories read by the featured authors.

For the book- and art-savvy, I’ve created a little visual matching game to get you in the spirit of BooksmART Festival. Can you match up a book by one of our featured authors with a work of art from the DMA’s collection that best relates to the particular story? Here’s a hint: the stories to match are The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan, The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney, and Art and Max by David Wiesner. Good luck!

{Works of art in matching game from top: Coffin of Horanhk, Egypt; Cathedral, Jackson Pollock; The Peaceable Kingdom, Edward Hicks}

Hope to see you Saturday!
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  1. Brenda Berry

    When I could read A Fly Went By to myself.

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