WFAA Family First Day by the Numbers!

Family Celebrations are some of my favorite events at the Dallas Museum of Art. There are always so many cool programs happening around the museum, and it’s great to see families having fun together. This past Saturday’s WFAA Family First Day was one of the largest Family Celebrations that we’ve ever had at the DMA! The day was action packed, and visitors got pick from activities such as: creating Stickley inspired picture frames in the studio, listening to WFAA’s Greg Fields deliver weather forecasts in the European Painting and Sculpture Galleries, hearing WFAA’s Shelly Slater interview some of the talented AP Art students who currently have work hanging in the Young Masters: Advanced Placement Student Art Competition exhibition, and grooving to talented teen singer/ songwriter Sidney Thompson. I had fun, and I hope that everyone who made it out to the DMA did, too.  Take a look below to see some pictures from the event to see WFAA Family First Day by the numbers!

Number of WFAA news castors: 3

Number of  aspiring supermodels who had their pictures taken in the C3 Tech Lab: 662

Number of visitors who sketched in the Barrel Vault: 557

Number of Sidney Thompson groupies: 350

Number of special programs and events: 11

Number of film buffs who watched Getting to Know Monet: 85

Number of people in the C3 Theater for StoryART: 199

Number of hours of fun on WFFA Family First Day: 6

Number of visitors who picked up extreme weather tips from Greg Fields: 158

Number of fans who listened to the AP Art Students before they were famous: 170

Number of artists who visited the C3 Studio: 851

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