And the Award Goes to…

With the Academy Awards just a week away, who is going to win which award has been a hot lunch topic conversation around here! We weigh the performances, debate over personal favorites, and try to make predictions based on previous award shows. But, like everyone else, we’ll just have to wait until Sunday’s broadcast to hear the results.

In an Oscar-sort of mood, I wandered through the galleries on Friday and imagined an artsy awards show starring the DMA’s works of art. Who would win best actress? Best cinematography? Perhaps you are thinking that I clearly have too much time on my hands, but this sort of imaginative, cross-curricular type of thinking is an activity that we often do with children when looking at works of art. Asking a child to identify her favorite work of art in a gallery requires close looking, comparing/contrasting, making a judgment, and a lot of reasoning. Take this activity one step further and you can help your child begin to notice all sorts of details. You could give out awards for:

  • Most colorful
  • Best place to visit
  • Most peaceful
  • Best dressed
  • Loudest/quietest

We’ve made award cards with clipart and simple phrases so that even the youngest kids can play along—a heart for “my favorite,” a lightning bolt for “best idea,” a smiley face for “happy.” The kids are given several minutes to explore one part of the gallery, and they make their awards by placing the corresponding card on the floor next to the work of art (always be sure to keep a safe distance from the art). There’s no need to shy away from asking your child to look for art that he thinks “does not belong” or “needs help” either. After making their awards, have each child explain their thought process. You can be silly and really play this up by pretending to interview them for the red carpet or just use it as a conversation-starter.

So here are the results of my pretend red carpet experience:

“Portrait of a Man in a Green Suit,” Pompeo Girolamo Batoni

Best GQ-worthy Pose

"The Divers (Red and Black)," Fernand Leger

Life of the Party

"Pair of Lokapalas (Heavenly Guardians," early 8th century Chinese

Most Intimidating

"Banquete Chair with Pandas," Fernando and Humberto Campana

Most Popular
Come visit us this week at the DMA, and create your own awards ceremony!
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