With Whom Am I Speaking?

Have you ever called the Dallas Museum of Art wondering about hours of operation, current exhibitions, classes, or special events? Chances are that you spoke with either Ms. Francis or Countess Jacques, our two fabulous receptionists, who combined answer between 120 and 200 phone calls a day! Since they spend so much time talking to visitors, I thought that it would be fun to reveal a little bit of information about these lovely ladies. I stopped by their desk last Friday to ask them some questions—see below for their answers.

Where are you from?
CJ: Dallas
MF: Texas—I’ve lived here all my life, except for two years when I moved to New York to prove that I could make it in the North.

How long have you worked at the Dallas Museum of Art?
CJ: Since August 2010
MF: For 26 years, although I only intended on staying for 3 months. Before coming to the museum, I was a teacher—High School English and Special Education. (Ms. Francis also worked at the Regional Education Center).

What is your most frequently asked question?
CJ: What are your hours of operation? What is your address? In terms of strangest questions, we have a lot of people who call inquiring about appraising art, buying art, and art history.
MF: How do you get to the museum?

How many people a day to you talk to?
CJ: Usually between 75-100 people a day
MF: I had 60 people call me today.

What is your favorite color?
CJ: green
MF: blue

What is your favorite work of art in the collection/ favorite exhibition?
CJ: Jackson Pollock, Portrait and a Dream (This work of art is currently featured in the Re-Seeing the Contemporary Exhibition)
MF: I don’t have a favorite work of art. I do enjoy visiting the Reeves Collection.

Do you have any special talents or hobbies?
CJ: cooking (Countess’s specialty is peach cobbler—YUM!)
MF: Free Cell. I also love to google things, and I like biographies. People are one of my hobbies.

Countess and Ms. Francis do a great job of keeping everybody informed and up to date with what’s going on at the DMA. Next time you call the museum, give them a warm hello!

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