Friday Photo

In most of our classes this month, we’ve  spent time in Big New Field: Artists in the Cowboys Stadium Art Program looking closely at the works from contemporary artists. After talking about the story depicted in Trenton Doyle Hancock’s Good Vegan Progression #2, we asked visitors to create their own characters that they could then bring to life in the studio. In our Homeschool class yesterday, Mary created Mrs. Carrot, a 25 year old carrot married to Mr. Celery. They live in “the Wicked Scary Place” and their favorite foods are “carrots and celery.” Mrs. Carrot’s favorite things to do are: “spend time with her husband, Mr. Celery” and “take all of the leaves off the trees to make the forest look more wicked.” Naturally, she is special because “she is a living, breathing carrot!” Check out Mary’s work below:

Mrs. Carrot and Mr. Celery in the Wicked Scary Place! Notice the scary yellow rain!

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