The Joy of Cooking

Happy New Year!! One of my favorite holiday traditions is to create New Year’s resolutions. One of my resolution for 2011 is to be more adventurous with my cooking. I decided to make this resolution after my roommate and I spent an evening watching Ratatouille, an endearing Pixar film about Remy, a rat that has an amazing ability to transform ordinary ingredients into gourmet cuisine. We spent almost the entire length of the movie drooling over the animated French cuisine, and at some points I felt like I could smell the food coming through the television. By the end of the film, I was resolved—if an animated rat could make delicious food—so could I!

The next day, I went to work so excited about my resolution that I couldn’t wait to cook something up. I spent some time walking though the recently updated European galleries and the new Form/Unformed: Design from the 1960s to the Present exhibition trying to dream up a menu based on food that I saw in the works of art. My end product was a breakfast menu based on some of the works of art:

DMA Omelets

3 eggs


Constantin Brancusi, Beginning of the World, c. 1920

1 red pepper



Camille Pissarro, Still Life with Spanish Peppers, 1899


shredded cheese


John R. Wendt & Co., Cheese Knife, 1870



1 onion

salt and pepper to taste


Combine all and serve with:



William Michael Harnett, Munch Still Life, 1882, detail




Henri Theodore Fantin Latour, Still Life with Vase of Hawthorne, Bowl of Cherries, Japanese Bowl, Cup and Saucer, 1872, detail

and, of course, coffee!!!



Zaha Hadid, Coffee Service Set, 2002

One of the messages of Ratatouille was “anyone can cook,” which I think helped fuel my desire to increase my own culinary abilities. At the museum, we often make the analogy that making art is a lot like cooking because they both allow you to take something basic (like line, shape, color and texture) and add them together to create something even better. So, if anyone can cook, anyone can make art! Don’t be afraid to let your creative side shine, in the kitchen and in the studio. Bon Appetite!



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  1. karen

    love the recipe!

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