Happy 122nd Birthday Diego Rivera!!!!

I pass the Mexico 200: Tierra y Gente exhibition that lines the main concourse several times a day, moving from my office in the Center for Creative Connections to other spots around the museum. For some reason almost every time I pass the exhibition I am drawn to a group of three works of art by Diego Rivera. Quite possibly my attraction to these images is due to the fact I spent months cataloging images of Rivera’s work for the Visual Resources department in college. However, I think that my attraction to his work is more than being drawn to something that is familiar to me. I think that there is clarity of expression and simplicity of form in Rivera’s work that imbues it with a sense of power and honesty, making it hard for any viewer to resist its magnetism. Diego Rivera would have turned 122 on December 8th. I thought that in honor of his birthday, it would be nice to pay a tribute to Rivera.

Diego Rivera was born in Guanajuato, Mexico on December 8, 1886. By many accounts, he was an artist from the very beginning and started drawing as early as 3 years old. He attended school for the arts and spent time living and working in Europe. While overseas, he lived in Madrid and Paris and studied Renaissance frescos throughout Italy. After moving back to Mexico in 1921, Rivera joined the Mexican Communist Party. Today, he is best known for his work as a muralist and works such as Man at the Crossroads; Detroit Industry; and Man, Controller of the Universe. Many of his murals reflect the daily life of Mexican people, Mexican culture, and the 1910 Mexican revolution.

Self-Portrait, 1930.

Profile of a Woman, 1930.Peasant Woman, 1946.

Diego Rivera’s works will be on display in Mexico 200: Tierra y Gente until January 30, 2011.

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