December Studio Creations: Printmaking

December is my absolute favorite time of year. I love being with family and friends and how everything seems so happy and festive. Not to mention that I adore the snow! It’s a great time for expressing your creative side–whether it’s holiday decorating, cooking up a fabulous meal, or exercising your musical talents.  

December also means a new Studio Creations activity at the DMA! Join us for a fun and artistic outing with your family on Saturdays and Sundays any time between 1:00-3:30 p.m. at the Art Studio in the Center for Creative Connections. You’ll have the chance learn about a work of art in our collection or special exhibition using free interactive Gallery Guides which have questions and activities to share with each other. Afterwards you’ll create your own masterpiece inspired by your experience!

This month we are focusing on printmaking. We will be looking at the exhibition José Guadalupe Posada: The Birth of Mexican Modernism, which runs through the 26th. You’ll learn about the process the artist used to make his prints and then have the chance to create a print using a similar technique. You can turn your print into a personalized holiday card for someone special or even a one-of-a-kind ornament!

José Guadalupe Posada, "Allegory of the Fatherland and the Constitution", n.d., zinc and wood block

José Guadalupe Posada, “Allegory of the Fatherland and the Constitution”, n.d., print

In the meantime, try making fingerprint pictures with your family as a way of introducing printmaking to your kids. Printmaking is similar to using a rubber stamp–it allows us to make as many copies of the same image as we want. In this case, the tiny lines in our fingers like as the engraved surface of a stamp. You can use any materials you might have at home for making fingerprints from paint or ink to even chocolate syrup! Just be sure to have your little artist print on a piece of paper and not your furniture.

Once you have made a few fingerprints together, challenge your child to create shapes from multiple fingerprints. Have them experiment with different colors and encourage them to see what happens when they press very lightly onto the paper and when they press as hard as they can. Here are some examples to help get you started; the last one is an amazing print created by the artist Chuck Close!

Chuck Close, "Phil/Fingerprint", 1981, (c) Chuck Close

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