Friday Photo

Each day before I leave work, I usually go into Arturo’s Nest to straighten up the toys and put things back in order. Yesterday, I walked in and found this sight:

Evidence of someone's hard work!

This might not seem very noteworthy to you, but generally the leaf sensory bin looks more like this:

Fall sensory bin: leaves, cinnamon sticks and pinecones

I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to sort the bin so thoroughly! To us grown-ups, this might look simply like the work of a very organized child, but through an early educator’s eyes, this shows us little minds at work! Sorting activities are great at teaching children to discriminate, to think about similarities and differences, and to give prolonged attention to a task. Now, any chance I can get this kid to come help me with my closet?

Since we have a rainy weekend ahead of us, come on by Arturo’s Nest on Saturday or Sunday and play with the toys yourself!

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