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The theme in Arturo’s Nest for November is animals. To go along with the new theme, I’ve created a virtual safari, highlighing some of the animal works from the DMA’s collection. Drop by the DMA to check out all of the cool animal themed books, toys, and games in Artuo’s Nest this month and to see some of these animal works in person!

1. "Antelope Mask," Bamana Peoples, 20th c (African Masks Exhibition-Level 1)

2. "Two Frogs," Mixtec Culture, 1300-1500 AD (Ancient American Galleries-Level 4)

3. "Ice Bowl," Gorham Manufacturing Company, 1871 (American Art Galleries-Level 4)

4. "Paradise Kingdom," Edward Hicks, 1846-1847 (American Art Galleries- Level 4)

5. "Miss Dorothy Quincy Roosevelt," John Alexander, 1901-1902 (American Art Galleries-Level 4)

6. "Gold Lion Sword Ornament," Asante Peoples, Mid 20th c (African Galleries-Level 3)

7. "Ganesha," Indonesia, 14th c AD (Arts of Asia Galleries-Level 3)

8. "Nandi Bull," 13th c AD (Arts of Asia Galleries-Level 3)

9. "Fox in the Snow," Gustave Courbet, 1860 (European Galleries-Level 3)

10. "Orpheus Taming Wild Animals," 194 AD (Ancient Mediterranean Galleries-Level 2)


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