Friday Photo

We wrapped up Art Beyond Sight month this week with an awesome homeschool class! We spent time in the Barrel Vault with visiting artist John Bramblitt discussing experiencing art with all of our senses. Check out the photos below to see some of the cool things that we did. The camera crew in the background was filming a special on John for the CBS evening news. Once we get the details, we’ll let you know when his segment airs!

First, we had Q&A with John and discussed using all of our senses to experience art.

Next, we broke up into groups to create color poems based on how colors look, feel, sound, taste, and smell, drawing inspiration from works of art in the galleries.

Then, we put our hands into tactile boxes and practiced drawing the objects inside without peeking at them!

Finally, we made it down to the studio to make some sightless studio creations by filling in raised line drawings with textured paint!

Look at these excited painters!

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