Artsy Conversations: John Bramblitt

John Bramblitt working in his studio.

Our post today is from John Bramblitt. John is the visitng artist in C3 for the month of October and is leading a variety of programming this month at the DMA. John lives in Denton Texas, and his art has been sold in over twenty countries and he has appeared internationally in print, TV and radio. His work has received much recognition including the ‘Most Inspirational Video of 2008′ from YouTube and three Presidential Service Awards for his innovative art workshops.While drawing and illustration were always an important part of John’s life, it was not until after he lost his sight in 2001 that he began to paint in an effort to connect with those around him. John developed painting techniques that allowed him to use his sense of touch to take the place of what the eyes do for other artists. His methods equate texture to color, and he uses thick paint to draw with, leaving raised lines that can be felt and therefore orient and guide his way across the canvas.

John talking with children about his artwork in the C3 Studio.

 Incredible times, laughter, and creating art are what I have taken from the DMA in the past, and October is taking this to a whole new level. October is Art Beyond Sight month which gives us the opportunity to experience art in a whole new way; expanding what is normally viewed as the visual arts into the realm of all of our senses. In my artwork I often focus on the invisible aspects of life that cannot be seen like flavor, sound, or emotion, and this month with our projects and workshops at the DMA we will be doing the same.

John and kids from a summer art camp talk about color in the galleries.

In the past we have done painting while blindfolded by relying on the sense of touch rather than sight; we’ve painted using and incorporating the rhythms of music into the artwork; and even created art using chocolate and strawberry sauce. We’ve done much more, but all of this is just the tip of the iceberg for what is planned in October! There will be programs and workshops for children and adults separately, and also for the entire family together, and on a broad range of topics that will be of interest both to people who are new to art and to seasoned professionals.

Echo watches as a summer art camper paints a picture of her.

 Echo, my best friend and guide dog, loves to be on the go, so it’s a sure bet that she’s going to love October with what all we have planned! Edgar Degas once said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” In Art Beyond Sight month at the DMA, we will all have a chance to share the same vision, and have a blast doing it!

For more information about the programs that John will be a part of at the DMA this month, click here.

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