10 Cubical Confessions of a DMA Intern

Hi! My name is Jackie Lincoln, and I’m the new McDermott Education Intern in Family Experiences. I’ve been at the DMA for three action-packed weeks now, and I wanted to share some of the excitement with everyone!

10. I am the exiled intern, but don’t feel sorry for me! While all of the other interns have desks together in the aptly named “intern pit” –a dark, windowless hallway that’s used as a walkway for employees traveling from one floor to another, I have a large desk in the office spaces behind the Center for Creative Connections. Not only does my office have a window, but it also has a view of the incredible Encountering Space exhibition that just opened in C3!

9. After my first three days of working the Dallas Museum of Art, I had learned that free food is one of the many perks of being an intern. This is especially true in Family Experiences, where birthday parties and all other celebrations are accompanied by a plethora of food. I’ve had more cake in my three weeks of being a DMA intern than I ever had in all of my past jobs combined. Yum!

8. On our first day of work, after filling out paperwork and getting our lovely name badges, the interns were given copies of the keys that we would need for our various positions. While most of the interns were given a single, small, silver elevator key, I was given a whole set of keys—an elevator key, plus 9 almost identical brass keys. While having possession of all of these keys makes me feel important, the truth is, I’ve only learned how to use 3 of them.

7. Have you ever wondered what happens to Dallas Museum of Art’s collection when it isn’t on display? The answer is Art Storage—a series of rooms in the basement designed to hold different objects when they are not on display. Art Storage is something that the majority of the staff does not even get to see. However, the interns received a special tour of the space on our second week of work!

6. Drinking coffee is integral to the success and happiness of any intern, and the McDermott interns are no exception. I am proud to announce that we have found the “good” Starbucks. Note: if you’re looking for a real Starbucks experience, you must take the time to walk down to the Starbucks inside of the Fairmont Hotel, rather than visiting the Starbucks inside the office building next door.

5. One of the coolest parts of my job so far has been getting to meet the artists and performers who help out with all of the Family Experiences programming. Already, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Ann Marie, our incredible storyteller for StoryART; Caesar and Gordon, two of our Arturo puppeteers; and Sara Cardona and Natalie Macellaio, two local artist who have come to lead workshops. I’m excited to have the opportunity to meet more talented individuals throughout my internship!

4. Another great thing about working at the Dallas Museum of Art is getting to be one of the first people to see all of the exhibits. Last week, we got a sneak peak of works of art in the upcoming Mourners exhibition when the statues had just been taken out of their crates and after they had been installed in the exhibition space. Everyone should come and check Mourners out when it opens October 3!

3. The McDermott interns have the privilege of learning about the Dallas Museum of Art’s collection directly from the curators! Throughout our time here, we’re given tours of the different galleries from the curators themselves.

2. The interns try and sit outside for lunch daily to escape the freezing temperatures of the galleries and offices. I look forward to lunch because it is the only time of day that I am not cold. Recently, we’ve decided to have lunch in the sculpture garden because not only is it warm, but we get to look at art while we eat. Last week, we decided to try picnicking under Ellsworth Kelly’s Untitled. It seemed like the perfect place to eat, until we were informed by a chuckling security officer that we were not allowed to use the sculpture as a tent. Now, even though it is not quite as fun, we sit next the sculpture rather than under it.

1. The best part about being an intern at the Dallas Museum of Art is that I get to work with a wonderful group of individuals, who are passionate about art education. It’s exciting to work at an institution that is on the frontier of museum education, and I hope that everyone takes advantage of the wonderful opportunities throughout the museum!

P.S. I found out how Arturo answers his postcards… If you write to him and put it in the mailbox in Arturo’s Nest, you will definitely get an interesting response!

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