Bite-Sized Art

New self-guided tours at the Dallas Museum of Art

I’ve been a museum girl for quite a while now, so whenever I go to a new museum, I usually feel fairly confident about my ability to figure out what I want to see. Although my map-reading skills are seriously flawed (I have no sense of direction), I eventually make it to the places I want to go. At the National Gallery of Art, I love to visit their Matisse paper cut-outs. When I visited Chicago a few years ago, I made a bee-line for A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte—1884 by George Seurat. And at Harvard’s Museum of Natural History, their collection of glass flowers is magical. But when I’m faced with a museum that is completely new to me, I am a big fan of tour guides, whether on paper or in person.

A few months ago, the Dallas Museum of Art launched three new “bite-sized” tours of the collections. With these handy little self-guides, you can see four to six works of art that are in close proximity to one another. Each self-guide focuses on a particular theme and offers fun facts, questions to consider as you look at a work of art, or information about the artist. A map orients you to where each piece is located.

In our texting, Skyping, now-now-now world, it is sometimes difficult to slow down for anything. These self-guides are meant to quickly introduce you to a few works of art and leave you feeling like you have seen something in a new way. You don’t have to commit to an hour long tour; you don’t have to take a test on what you have learned. Rather, you can stop by the Museum (even if it’s just for an hour), spend some time with amazing art, and leave a little more “filled” with artsy bites.

We currently offer three tours:

  • Super Heroes: works of art that portray heroes and heroic deeds*
  • Seeing Red: works of art that include the color red*
  • All that Glitters: glittery gold and silver works of art on Level 4

*The Super Heroes and Seeing Red tours were created especially with families and children in mind.

Come on over to the DMA and take a bite-sized tour!

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