A Back-to-School Wish

Yellow school buses, brand new boxes of markers, no more sleeping in . . . that’s right, summer is officially over and school has started! Although I haven’t officially been “back to school” myself for a few years now, I love this time of year. And for me, it’s all about the school supplies. A box of 96 pointy, never-been-broken crayons signals endless possibilities. Colorful notebooks and folders lined up on the shelves seem to be anxiously waiting to be filled up with new ideas. (Yes, I am a bit of a school nerd.)

Since I can’t go back to school myself, I’ll send out a “Back-to-School Wish” for all those who are starting off this Monday morning at school.

"My First Day at School," Howard Baer, n.d., lithograph

For all those kids who anxiously step into a new school adventure, may you do so bravely and boldly…

"Girl at Desk with Drink," Coreen May Spellman, c. 1942, lithograph

For the teachers who put hours and hours of time and creativity into their work, may you hold onto your beginning-of-the-school-year enthusiasm and hope…

"Through My Window," Coreen May Spellman, 1934, etching

And for the parents silently grateful that the school year has begun, enjoy the quiet!

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