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Meeting a real artist!

We’ve raved about artist Jill Folley’s new installation “The Living Room” several times now on the blog, but we haven’t properly told you how great she is. Some of our summer camp children got the chance to see her at work one week before the space officially opened to the public. The kids were very excited about meeting a real artist and thought of questions they wanted to ask her. When we walked into the space, the kids were amazed. One described it as a “cave-mansion” which I think perfectly captures the feeling of the space. Jill very patiently talked with the kids about how she made the space and her favorite things to create as an artist. She also answered questions like “how do you draw a unicorn?” and “how do you paint on both sides of the paper?” with the same sincerity as the four and five year old question-askers.

You can meet Jill yourself at our Thursday night programs or the upcoming Family Puppet-Making Workshop on Saturday, August 28th.

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