Moving Day!


Hadly and Shelagh pack up the Materials Bar

It is moving day at the Dallas Museum of Art! We spent the day packing up boxes, loading carts, and unpacking again in our temporary space. Today the Center for Creative Connections (C3) closed for construction to begin on a new exhibition.

Studio clean-out in progress!

While C3 is closed for renovations, the Museum will still have an interactive space for visitors to enjoy. The temporary space, called The Living Room is on the fourth level of the Museum in the Tower Gallery. The Living Room will have a studio, an area for early learners, a place for visitors to create works of art and interact with one another.

Our temporary studio space

The Living Room, created by visiting artist Jill Foley, is an imaginary-type space made completely out of recycled cardboard and makeshift home furnishings. The space is full of fun surprises – unique puppet-like characters with knitted sweater vests, a cardboard fireplace complete with a moving fire in it (the magic of DVDs!), and a fuzzy rug in the shape of a bear.

The Living Room in progress!

“In The Living Room, I wanted to create a space at the DMA that felt like home as well as a retreat,” says Foley. “I feel that in much of my work I am trying to escape from the art world while being part of it, so it seems appropriate to have a domestic and inviting retreat within the Museum’s gallery.”

Here is Jill Foley adding the final touches to the space.

Family programming will still take place during the renovation of C3, but it will happen in this special temporary space in the Museum. Be sure to visit the new C3 exhibition Encountering Space when it opens on September 25.

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