Something Beautiful

Last Thursday, the student artists represented in the Through the Eyes of Our Children – Something Beautiful exhibition had the chance to bring their family and friends to the Museum to show off their works of art on display. Depending on the program that the students participated in, they either created photographs or a portrait collage. Both programs were led by photographer David Herman, Jr., Creative Director of Preservation LINK, Inc.

 Students with photographs in the exhibition participated in a twelve week photojournalism program that has served over 450 students in several Dallas Independent School District schools. Students worked with David and with Maria Teresa G. Pedroche, Head of Family Experiences to create the works that are on display at the Museum.   

A family enjoying refreshments in the courtyard.

A student artist and his family at the celebration.

During the exhibition celebration, students relaxed with their families in the Museum’s Fleischner Courtyard, enjoyed cookies and lemonade before attending the awards presentation in the Museum’s auditorium. The students were introduced and had the chance to listen to many inspiring talks by their teachers, principals, and by David. While the students were viewing and discussing their works on display in the exhibition, I had the pleasure of speaking with four young artists about their work.

DeJoure Crawford, Beautiful Tree

Tell me about your photograph.
It’s a real place where birds like to spend a lot of time. My house is right over here; if I had taken a picture with my house in it, birds would be standing on the rails.
What were you thinking about when you took this photo?
I was thinking about my brother who died.
How did the tree remind you of him?
I used to hang out by the tree with him and it reminds me of the kind of colors that he liked.
Is there anything else that you think is special about your photo?
It has a lot of compassion and it is also a place where my friends and I hang out.

Tryana Neal, Flexible Brother

 Tell me about your photo.
That is my brother. He is five years old and very flexible. I decided to take this photo of him to show a lot of kids how flexible he is.
Is the place in the photo near your home?
Yes, it is in my backyard.
How many shots did you have to take before you got an action shot of your brother in the air?
Was this a difficult photo to take?
Yes, I was standing on the ground and I had to reach up to get on his level.
How did your idea of photography change after learning how to use a camera?
I will take pictures a lot more now and I look at pictures differently.
How would you look at your photo differently?
I like this photo and how it shows my brother, it shows how he flips in the air. He looks like a long straw.

Porshia Smith, Sunflower

 What did you choose to take a photograph of?
I took a picture of a sunflower.
Where did you find the sunflower?
On the corner where they have bricks and designs.
Is it close to where you live?
It is at Charles Rice Learning Center.
Why did you decide to focus on a sunflower?
I thought that it was colorful and it looked really pretty to me. I see it when I go to school and I like to look at it. I like it because it is a sunflower, but it is really part of the building.  I never took photos before, but now I plan to take a lot more.

Brianna Ervin, The School Tree

Tell me about your photo.
Mine is called the School Tree. I took it because I thought that it looked beautiful. I also took it because I love trees. This tree had blossoms on it, and flowers, and other things. I thought that the tree inspired me.
What did the tree inspire you to do?
To love trees and take photos, of course!

Bravo! All of the creations in the exhibition are fantastic. The next time you are at the Museum, take some time to view the works.

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3 responses to “Something Beautiful

  1. Great kids, great questions, great responses. I’m always inspired when students identify how they make meaning of what so many others overlook. I encourage everyone to go see this awesome work at the DMA. These students really worked hard and I know they learned a lot. Great job Dave, Maria Teresa, the teachers, and all who helped at the DMA.

  2. It took some time for me to digest not only the program that the kids were a part of but the work and the commentary.

    The work is inspiring. DuJour’s experience with connecting photography with an event in his life, not easily dealt with, created an image and a feeling. Reading his words created a feeling and I think that is a main objective of an artist with his/her art.

    Miss Neal’s “Flexible Brother” was grand and extremely thought-filled. Capturing raw action on a first shot is hard. I laughed at wondering if she actually is aware of how difficult it is to capture raw action on film. For some it takes a lifetime. Congrats to her!

    Porche’s “Sunflower” amongts bricks and designs appears more poetic to me. I love the fact that she noticed ‘color’ and tactile difference. It’s a graceful pic.

    Brianna’s “School Tree” is elegant. The tree and it’s blossoms, colors, and being inspired her to capture. This makes one smile.

    I think what these students have is life-beneficial. I think these students will not deter from what they have learned and “how” they have learned (are learning) to see the world! Great job Preservation Link. I’m staying as close as I can when I can!!!! SALUTE TO THE KIDS!

  3. Maria Teresa G. Pedroche

    Many thanks to Dave Herman, Dr. Shaun Wilson, teachers, and students who participated in this program and exhibition. You are an inspiration to many families who attended your exhibition and heard your gallery talks this summer. This is the last weekend to see the exhibition.

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