Summer Vacation

With only a week or two left of school, your kids are probably eagerly anticipating the freedom of summer vacation. As a kid, I remember feeling like summer was truly endless. Days at the neighborhood swimming pool, afternoons curled up on a blanket reading a favorite book, weeks of vacation to visit my Louisiana side of the family. Except for the chore lists my dad would leave out on the breakfast table, summer felt like a time when we could do whatever we wanted! Now looking back, I realize my mom probably had more “plans” for us than I realized so that we didn’t drive her crazy.
So to get you in the summer vacation mood, here are a few works of art at the museum that can inspire you as you look ahead to the next few months!


A Day at the Beach (or pool or sprinklers in the front yard)

"Time and Tide" by Alfred Thompson Bricher

There’s nothing like spending all day slathered in SPF 50 in the water to escape the Texas heat. The kids can work on their synchronized swimming routines while you relax in the shade.

Summer Reading Program

"The Reading Lesson" by Mary Cassatt

 Take a trip to your local library and sign up for the summer reading program. I know I spent hours and hours reading in order to score enough points for prizes (my favorite being a pet rock).

Hanging out with Friends

"Five Boys on a Wall" by Eastman Johnson

Send the kids out to play with their friends in the morning . . . lure them back home with popsicles for lunch! If they complain that there is “nothing to do,” challenge them to create their own obstacle course, set up a lemonade stand, film their own “how to” video, or put on a theatrical production of their favorite story.

Camping and Hiking

"The Matterhorn" by Albert Bierstadt

So you might not be able to make it to the Matterhorn, but any ole National Park will do. And if all else fails, set up a tent in the backyard.  I still haven’t lived down the family camping trip to southern Utah when I decided I really only needed to pack a pair of sandals as my chosen footwear. Lesson learned: not so easy to hike around in your Mary Jane sandals!

Take a Time Out

"Seated Buddha Subduing Mara," Thailand 14-15th century

When you’ve had just a little too much family time, there’s no shame in taking a time out…whether it’s you or the kids! Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and remember that the summer will fly by.

And of course, we always hope that you’ll take some of your summer vacation to come visit us at the Dallas Museum of Art!

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