Young Artists at Late Night

The Studio was buzzing with creativity during the recent Late Night at the DMA. Visitors were invited to create a textile weaving inspired by the Kuba textiles in the Museum’s collection of African Art. I had the pleasure of talking with some of the young artists in the Studio and heard firsthand about all the thought and imagination that went into their creations. I asked each visitor to tell me a little bit about their work, why they used certain colors, if their work had a title, if it was their first time to try weaving, and where they planned to display their work.

Christina, Pablo, and Prazul

“My friend Prazul and I worked together to make a textile of his initials. We both made it, but it was his idea.”

Prazul added, “I made the ‘P’ and he made the ‘W.’”

Pablo continued to say, “We picked the colors because it was like a rainbow. It was pretty fun to make. It gave our hands a work-out because it was hard work! We worked on it for 30-45 minutes and we sewed it, not glued it. I’m going to let Prazul keep it. He is going to hang it on his door.”

 Pablo’s family regularly attends Late Nights and when asked about what their favorite thing about Late Night was, Pablo said, “My favorite thing about Late Night is the Showdown at the Materials Bar because we like to compete. We work as a team.”


“I made my initials because I was thinking of putting it on my room door. Right now, there are just stickers on my door. My favorite part is the ‘R’ because I put a different color. I used pink because pink and brown go well together. I made the letters squared because it was easier to make the edges squared rather than circle. It wasn’t my first time weaving; I made a cool color weaving and a warm color weaving at school.”

When asked about her favorite part of Late Night, Christina said, “I like how we get to do arts and crafts. Every time we come here there is something different.”


Title of artwork: The Art of Taylor
“I added my name with a heart for love. My name inspired me to create this; my name is special. I used blue yarn, a navy color that represents strength. My art represents me because I am strong and full of love. I plan to use this as a name plate to go on my door.”


“What inspired me to make this is my bother. His name is KJ, so I wanted to make my initials. It isn’t my first time to weave. I did some weaving out at the big one (the community weaving in the Center for Creative Connections). I decided to make a small one to take home. I used yellow because it is one of the many of my favorite colors.”


Title of artwork: Sarah
“I’m making this for my mama. It is a cross with stuff around it. I used purple and orange because my mama likes those colors. I liked gluing.”


Title of artwork: The Season Life of Change
“My work is about the whole-wide world. I drew a picture of PJ, she is my grandma. It stands for Princess Grandma. This leaf is all about fall because it has a leaf. Fall is kind of my favorite season because you can play soccer. I love soccer. I also drew a soccer goal. My favorite part of making this was the drawing because I can draw stuff about soccer. Taping too is my favorite.”


Title of artwork: Peace for Haiti
“In school, we are learning about plotting line graphs and I made a cool triangle and I kept going through the same holes. I made it really cool. It was in math class. I am making a peace sign because I am into peace and world peace. I plan to help out in Haiti. My favorite thing about doing this is the way you can stick stuff through and make it different each time – you can change colors. I plan to go look at the African textiles after this.”

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