President’s Day at the DMA

Happy President’s Day! Here at the DMA, the staff celebrated our presidents with a day off yesterday, but today we are back at our desks busy as ever. If you come by the museum this week, take some time to say hello to old George himself. We have a painting and a bust of our famous first president.

George Washington, c. 1786; Jean-Antoine Houdon; Painted plaster; Dallas Museum of Art, gift of Ronald E. Fritz


George Washington, c. 1850; Rembrandt Peale; Oil on canvas; Dallas Museum of Art, The Karl and Esther Hoblitzelle Collection, gift of the Hoblitzelle Foundation

The artist of this portrait, Rembrandt Peale was just seventeen years old when he first painted George Washington in 1795. He had a 7 a.m. appointment with the president, and later remembered, “I was up before daylight and putting everything in the best condition for the sitting with which I was to be honored, but before the hour arrived became so agitated that I could scarcely mix my colors.” Almost thirty years later, Peale revisited his original portrait to create the portrait here at the Dallas Museum of Art, which is one of more than seventy the artist painted.

We also have a lithograph of President Lincoln (although it is not currently on view).

Lincoln, 1937; Boardman Robinson; Lithograph; Dallas Museum of Art, gift of the artist

These two presidents may have two of the most famous presidential faces–they can be seen in paintings, sculpture, and even on our money! Do you have a favorite George or Abe? (I personally love the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial by Daniel Chester French).

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