We Heart the Art

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Take a break from signing Valentine’s Day cards, eating chocolates, and covering paper hearts with red glitter and plan a fun visit to the Museum. I have always loved Valentine’s Day candy, but especially the candy hearts with cute messages written on them. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to send Valentine’s Day messages to some of my favorite works of art.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Dog, 1880

Valentine, it would be ‘ruff’ without you!

I will love you fur-ever.

You’re bad-to-the-bone Valentine!

You are so doggone cute.

I can sniff out a sweetheart anytime.

Unleash the love Valentine!

I chews you – will you be my Valentine?


Rufino Tamayo, El Hombre (Man), 1953

You’re out of this world.

I’ve taken a shine to you.

Will you be my Valentine? You’re my biggest star.

You make my heart glow.

Fly me to the moon Valentine!

You’re a super star!


Gerald Murphy, Watch, 1925

Let’s ‘watch’ our friendship grow.

Valentine, you make my heart tick!

Time flies when we are together.

Do you have the time to be my Valentine?

You make time stand still Valentine.

It’s high time we were Valentines.


Mouth mask depicting the head of a bird, Indonesia: Southeast Moluccas, Leti Island, 19th Century

I have my eyes on you, Valentine!

Tweet, tweet! I think you’re sweet.

I’ll owl-ways be your friend.

Don’t keep me hanging on a wire, be my Valentine!

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day.

You make my heart soar!

Valentine, you’re a hoot!

Plan a love-filled visit to the Museum to think about your favorite works of art. Choose a few works and think about to which ones you would like to send Valentine’s Day card. What would your message say? Have some fun designing a card for your favorite work of art. Or, you could search for all of the works in the Museum with red, white, or pink in them. Try to find works of art that show couples or pairs of things. Have fun with your family and don’t forget to eat lots of chocolate!

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